旧司祭館 2階

Old Matsumoto Catholic Church Priest's House 2F



建築年 明治22(1889)年
移築年 平成3(1991)年
設計者 クレマン神父
施工者 不明





Old Matsumoto Catholic Church Priest’s House 2F

Year of construction:  1889 (Meiji 22)
Year of relocation: 1991 (Heisei 3)
Architect: Father Clément
Builder: Unknown
[Nagano Prefectural Treasure]

It was designed by Father Clément, a Frenchman, and built in 1889 as a residence for missionaries and evangelists on the church grounds north of Matsumoto Castle. In 1991, it was moved to its current location along with the road widening construction project.

It has a tiled hipped roof with a red brick chimney. The exterior walls are clapboarded in the Early American style, with a carved line at the bottom of the board. The vertical windows open inward and have armored doors on the outside. The balcony on the north side of the building is covered on three sides with glass doors, but the double-layered fittings on the border between the balcony and the interior suggest that it may have originally been a balcony without fittings. It is thought to have been added as a measure against the cold of winter in Matsumoto. The foundation used to be made of red bricks, but when it was moved to the new building, it was replaced with concrete for reinforcement, and bricks were pasted on the surface to preserve the original atmosphere. The inside of the foundation was used as a storage room, taking advantage of its height, and wine barrels were also stored there.

Inside, there are eight private rooms (bedroom on the second floor, reception room, office, dining room, and kitchen on the first floor) and bathrooms, all of which are equipped with fireplaces, and are highly valuable as authentic Western-style residential buildings.

It is the oldest existing Western-style building in Nagano Prefecture, and was designated as a Nagano Prefectural Treasure in 2005.

旧司祭館 2階