Naoki Honjo


全日空の機内誌「翼の王国」で長年連載していた。写真集『small planet』(リトルモア、2006)で平成18(2006)年度木村伊兵衛賞を受賞。ほか『TREASURE BOX』(講談社、2010)、『Shinkirou』(リトルモア、2013)、『東京』(リトルモア、2016)、『京都』(淡交社、2016)がある。今年3月に東京都写真美術館にて個展「(un)real utopia」を開催予定。主な作品の収蔵先に、メトロポリタン美術館(アメリカ)やヒューストン美術館(アメリカ)など。

Born 1978 in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, Graduate School of Arts, Media Arts. He is known for his unique expression of photographing the appearance of cities as if they were dioramas, using the aperture of a large format camera. His works evoke the feeling of a miniature world, and question the reality and fiction of this world. In addition, his bird’s eye view works look at cities and people’s activities through various regions.

His work has been serialized for many years in “Tsubasa no Oukoku,” the in-flight magazine of All Nippon Airways. His photo collection, “small planet” (Little More, 2006), won the 2006 Kimura Ihei Award. His solo exhibition “(un)real utopia” is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in March. His major collections include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.