Old Matsumoto Branch of the Daiichi Kangyo Bank (HARMONIE BIEN)



建築年 昭和12(1937)年
設計者 日本勧業銀行営繕課
施工者 清水組(現清水建設)




Year of construction: 1937 (Showa 12)

Architect: Nippon Kangyo Bank, Repair Division

Builder: Shimizu Corporation (now Shimizu Construction)

[National Tangible Cultural Property] [Matsumoto City Cultural Heritage]

The building was built in 1937 as the “Matsumoto Branch of the Nippon Kangyo Bank”. Due to repeated mergers, the name was changed to Daiichi Kangyo Bank and then to Mizuho Bank, and it was used as the “Mizuho Bank Matsumoto Branch” until 2003. Currently, it is used as a restaurant and bridal facility. The building is said to have been designed by the Repair Department of the Nippon Kangyo Bank, but there is a possibility that an outside firm was commissioned to design the building. It is widely believed that the architect, Setsu Watanabe, who was involved in the construction of several of the bank’s buildings at the time, was involved.

Because of the poor ground conditions, the foundation of the reinforced concrete structure with three stories above ground and one below ground was built on a number of pine piles. The exterior walls, which are now sprayed, were washed out with joints in the shape of masonry, and the walls were decorated with terra cotta medallions. The vertical windows in the three-story atrium have a unique arch that gives the building its distinctive appearance. Inside the building, there are trowel paintings with motifs of plants and trees on the pillar heads, etc. Old room nameplates and the door of the vault are still preserved.

The building was designated as a registered tangible cultural property in 2007. In 2017, it was registered as a Matsumoto City Modern Heritage Site.