Kawakami Architectural Design Office



建築年 大正14(1925)年
設計者 筒井組工務店
施工者 同上、佐野貞治郎(大工棟梁)

「大正13年建立」との棟札が残る、医院併用住宅。大工棟梁は松本市内で洋風建築を何軒か手掛けている佐野貞治郎である。「設計 筒井組工務店」と書かれた図面も残されており、施工も筒井組工務店であると思われる。医者である施主の松岡伊三郎は第8代松本市長の兄であり、施工者の筒井組工務店の社長は第7代市長の父である。




Kawakami Architectural Design Office

Year of construction: 1925 (Taisho 14)
Architect: Tsutsui Corporation
Builder: Same as above, Sano Teijiro (carpenter)
[National Tangible Cultural Property] [Matsumoto City Modern Heritage]

The master carpenter is Sano Teijiro, who has worked on several Western-style buildings in Matsumoto City. There is also a drawing that says “Designed by Tsutsui-gumi Komuten,” suggesting that the construction was also done by Tsutsui-gumi Komuten. The owner, Isaburo Matsuoka, a doctor, is the brother of the 8th mayor of Matsumoto, and the president of Tsutsui Corporation, the builder, is the father of the 7th mayor.

The building is a two-story wooden structure with a Western-style facade and four sides. If you pull back a little and look up, you can see the blue tiled roof on the parapet (rooftop breast wall). The vertical lines of the building are emphasized by the vertical windows on the upper and lower floors, and the stained glass windows with flowers and geometric patterns above the entrance door are reminiscent of Art Nouveau. The washed out exterior walls with joints in the motif of masonry and the well-proportioned arrangement of medallions and other decorations show the high level of design.

The building was used as a doctor’s office until the 1950s, but an architect consulted on the demolition of the building due to maintenance issues could not bear the thought of destroying it, so he rented the building himself and later bought it to use as an architectural design office.

The building was designated as a registered tangible cultural property in 2021. In 2016, it was registered as a Matsumoto City Modern Heritage Site.