コーヒーラウンジ 紫陽花

Coffee Lounge Ajisai


建築年 不明
設計者 不明
施工者 不明



Year of construction: Unknown

Architect: Unknown

Builder: Unknown

In 1973, the previous generation, who were sailors, started this coffee shop to introduce the dishes they remembered from the foreign countries where they docked. He named the store after the hydrangea, the symbol of Kobe City, because he met his wife in Kobe, a port of call. Matsumoto’s store was crowded as a exotic restaurant, serving Russian pirozhki, which was rare at the time, and Italian ice cream. The store regularly invited local intellectuals and cultural figures to hold talk events and salon concerts, and became a popular place to transmit information that led the culture of Matsumoto.

The building was originally built as the head office of a local measuring instrument manufacturer founded in 1924, and the first floor of the parking lot was rented and extended to become a coffee shop. After that, the building was remodeled three times, and about 10 years ago, they took over the building and are now looking for a way to make the most of the location where they can see Matsumoto Castle from the roof.

コーヒーラウンジ 紫陽花