NTT East Matsumoto Daimyocho Building



建築年 昭和5(1930)年
設計者 旧逓信省経理局営繕課
施工者 小林榮重




NTT East Matsumoto Daimyocho Building

Year of construction: 1930 (Showa 5)
Architect: Repair Division, Accounting Bureau, former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Builder: Eiju Kobayashi
[Matsumoto City Modern Heritage Site]

Construction was completed in 1930. At the time, the building was called “Matsumoto Post Office Telephone Annex”. The design was supervised by the Repair Division of the Accounting Bureau of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and the construction was undertaken by Eiju Kobayashi, who ran a construction business in the city. On the basement floor, there was a barber shop, a beauty parlor, and a bathtub. There was also an elevated water tank on the roof, hot water supply, flush toilets, hot water heating, and fire hydrants. Currently, only part of the fire shutters and manual equipment remain. The building was strongly constructed for its important use, and it was said to be the safest place in the building even in the event of an earthquake. The steel tower was built in 1970.

The washed-out exterior walls are now painted, but the scratch tiles and other elements are still intact, and the exterior remains largely unchanged from when it was completed. Although there are no reliefs or other decorations, the windows and stairwells drawn inward from the walls accentuate the exterior, creating a simple, modern atmosphere.

In 2019, it was registered as a Matsumoto City Modern Heritage Site.