Shitamachi Kaikan


建築年 昭和3(1928)年 再生工事:平成7(1995)年
設計者 元:不明 再生工事:長野県建築士事務所協会松筑支部
施工者 元:不明 再生工事:中部建設工業 他




Shitamachi Kaikan

Year of construction: 1928 (Showa 3)
Year of reconstruction: 1995 (Heisei 7)
Architect: Unknown
Reconstruction: Nagano Prefecture Association of Architectural Firms, Matsuzuki Branch
Builder: Unknown
Reconstruction: Chubu Construction Industry, etc.

This three-story wooden signboard building was built in 1928 and was located next to the south side of the building at the time of construction. Around 1988, the building had to be demolished due to its age, but it was decided to preserve the façade as it was indispensable to the streetscape of this street. In the reconstruction work, a 1.8 meter area on the east side of the building was reinforced with a steel frame as the original wooden part, and connected to the newly built reinforced concrete structure.

The building was reopened in 1995 as the Shitamachi Kaikan with rental rooms and other facilities. The newly built part was designed based on the design of the original part. Instead of the hand-made scratch tiles that are no longer produced, tiles custom-made by a manufacturer were used, but the texture is undeniably different from the original. The building also shows the changes in materials and construction techniques. The iron lattices of the doors and windows are made from thick sheets of iron cut out.

The streets of Agetsuchi-dori have been renovated with high-design architecture based on scratch tiles, and are loved by tourists visiting Matsumoto as a town of Taisho Romanticism.