Old Miyajima Butcher Shop



宮島肉店は、明治28(1895)年頃に信州新町出身の18歳の創業者が始め、松本で最初の精肉店だったと言われる。屋号は「芳松」で、昭和41(1966)年頃まで営業していた。建物は、大正時代後期~昭和初期に建てられたと思われる。店内には牛が描かれた額が残されており、「壬申肇夏(みずのえさる ちょうか=昭和7年の夏の初め)」と添えられていることから、新築記念に描かれたとすれば昭和7(1932)年築の可能性がある。



Old Miyajima Butcher Shop

Year of construction: 1932 (Showa 7) or unknown
Architect: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
[Matsumoto City Modern Heritage]

Miyajima Butcher Shop was started by an 18 year old founder from Shinshu Shinmachi around 1895, and is said to have been the first butcher store in Matsumoto. It is said to have been the first butcher shop in Matsumoto. Its trade name was “Yoshimatsu” and it was in business until around 1966. The building seems to have been built in the late Taisho era to early Showa era. There is a picture frame of a cow inside the store with the inscription “Mizu no Esaru Choka” (the beginning of the summer of 1932), which suggests that the shop may have been built in 1932, if it was painted in commemoration of new construction.

The exterior walls have been painted white, but were originally washed out. There are no conspicuous decorations other than a mark in the shape of the letter “M,” which is thought to be the trademark of the store, but the modest but carefully designed finishes such as moldings enhance the overall appearance. The floor of the store and the processing factory is a concrete floor, divided by a sharpened counter and a window. The processing factory was visible from the street through the window. The small room at the back of the west side of the building was used as a break room and also as a kitchen during the period when the building was leased.

In 2016, the building was registered as a Matsumoto City Modern Heritage Site.