レストラン ヒカリヤ

Restaurant Hikariya



建築年 明治20(1887)年
設計者 不明
施工者 不明




Restaurant Hikariya

Year of construction: 1887 (Meiji 20)
Architect: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
[National Tangible Cultural Property] [Matsumoto City Modern Heritage]

 An old private house built in 1887 by the Hirabayashi family, a prominent merchant family. The house name “Hikaruya” is said to be a reference to the fact that the head of the family was from the Hikari district of present-day Azumino City. At one point, it was being considered for demolition, but the current owner has taken over the building, saying, “I want to bring it back to life as a place where people can gather. Under the direction of Kunikazu Takatori, a world-renowned space designer, the building was reborn as a restaurant in 2007. The Japanese restaurant “Higashi”, which makes use of the main building as it is, and the French restaurant “Nishi”, which renovated a stucco warehouse, operate in a separate building in a warehouse house with a central courtyard.

Facing the old Zenkoji Road, the 15-meter-long warehouse house is built with gabled roofs (Kirizumazukuri) and pier tiles (sankawarabuki). The exterior walls are lined with namako walls and plastered on the top, with black plaster on the east side facing the street and white plaster on the other sides. On the second floor facing the street, there are six windows with Kannon doors. The building is constructed mainly of hinoki cypress and utilizes the advanced wooden construction techniques of the Edo period. In the back room, in addition to the cypress used for the pillars and workmanship, the tokonoma (alcove) is made of purple ebony and black ebony, the sides of the floor are made of zelkova, and the long wooden screens are made of tetsunoki.

In 2010, the store, main building, and storehouse were designated as Tangible Cultural Properties of Japan. In 2016, Hikariya’s Nishi and Higashi were registered as part of Matsumoto City’s Modern Heritage.

レストラン ヒカリヤ