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建築年 大正13(1924)年
設計者 不明
施工者 不明




Shiratori Photo Studio

Year of construction: 1924 (Taisho 13 )
Architect: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
[Matsumoto City Modern Heritage]

This is a so-called “signboard style”. It was a three-story building when it was built in 1924, but it caught fire in 1927 and was reduced to a two-story building when it was rebuilt. The back of the building used to be the moat of Matsumoto Castle, so it is lower than the road by about 2 meters, and the stone walls are still in place in the basement, which also serves as the foundation.

The tiled pillars and the vertical up-and-down windows, which are aligned with the upper and lower floors in an orderly fashion, emphasize the vertical lines of the design, which is typical of the Taisho era. The white of the tiles, the pale gray of the mortar sprayed parts, and the delicately crafted iron railings of the balcony give the building an elegant impression. It is unusual that the eaves of the entrance are not integrated with the balcony, and it can be said that the independent eaves are a metaphor for a swan spreading its wings in flight. The display case on the left of the front of the building was originally on the right, and was decorated with a parapet with a medallion above the case.

In 2016, it was registered as a Matsumoto City Modern Heritage Site.