Takashi Nakajima


主な個展に、 「さいたま市プラザノース Domain of Art 26」(2021)、「OTAアートプロジェクト<マチニエヲカク>」(2020)、「JR宇和島運転区扇形車庫再生準備事業」(2020)、「JR EAST meets ART@高輪ゲートウェイFest」(2020)、「交流の形 SHIBAURA HOUSE」(2020)などがある。グループ展には、「大田区OPENアトリエ」(2021)、「富士の山ビエンナーレ」(2020)、「鉄工島フェスIRON ISLAND FES」(2019)など。

Born in Tokyo in 1972. Graduated from the Photography Department of Kuwasawa Design School in 1994. Established a base in Berlin, Germany in 2001. In 2014 and 2016, he received a grant from the Tsuzukiken Memorial Foundation for Cultural Promotion. Currently lives and works in Tokyo.

 Major solo exhibitions include “Saitama City Plaza North Domain of Art 26” (2021), “OTA Art Project < Machiniero Kaku>” (2020), “Preparatory Project for the Revitalization of the Fan-Shaped Garage at JR Uwajima Depot” (2020), “JR EAST meets ART @ Takanawa Gateway Fest” (2020), “Form of Exchange SHIBA His group exhibitions include “SHIBAURA HOUSE” (2020). Group exhibitions include “OPEN Atelier, Ota-ku” (2021), “Fuji no Yama Biennale” (2020), and “Iron Island Fest, IRON ISLAND FES” (2019).




My artistic expression is to create a place where the individual and the public intersect, in other words, to propose my personal thoughts to the public.

I mainly use stretch film as a material for my installations. I visualize the relationship between people, things, events, and places in buildings and spaces through light, atmosphere, and time, and display works that encourage new relationships, both indoors and outdoors, in Japan and abroad.