Lotte Lyon


近年の主な個展に、『Hard Opening』(MAG3、オーストリア/2021)、『Acht Grad』(Kluckyland、 オーストリア/2019)、『Coffee Table Book』(rauminhalt_harald bichler、オーストリア/2018)、『Über die Künstlerin』(ICON GALERIE、オーストリア/2017)など。

Born in Graz, Austria in 1970. Studied sculpture in Vienna and Berlin, and currently lives and works in Vienna. Her work is characterized by minimalist sculptures using everyday materials. She has been exhibiting mainly in Europe, but has also had several collaborations in Japan since 2006.

 Recent major solo exhibitions include “Hard Opening” (MAG3, Austria/2021), “Acht Grad” (Kluckyland, Austria/2019), “Coffee Table Book” (rauminhalt_harald bichler, Austria/2018 ), and Über die Künstlerin (ICON GALERIE, Austria/2017).




The artist has thoroughly cut down the constituent elements, making the space itself a sculpture. The group of seven works titled “fifth” are sculptures about 50 centimeters high, colored with different lines and colors, and give the impression of “furniture” such as chairs and side tables. It seems that the artist, who has been involved in wall painting, has taken on the challenge of creating a space with minimalist sculptures.

Several thin lines that intersect vertically and lead to the sides create a complex and spreading visual effect. The sloping parallel lines give an image of endless extension, and the thick lines remind us of the surface while the “box” shape have an effect of also reminding us of the interior. The plywood that is often used in residential spaces is familiar, but the different grids that each work insists on give a sense of discomfort when viewed as a whole. By dividing them individually but encompassing them as a whole, the works stir the imagination and create an expansive space.