Takashi Nakajima

1972年、東京都生まれ。1994年、桑沢デザイン研究所 写真研究科修了。2001年にドイツ・ベルリンに拠点を置く。2014年及び 2016年、摘水軒記念文化振興財団の助成を受ける。現在は東京都在住。


近年の主な個展に、「scope」(2023 YU HARADA、東京)、「tangle -もつれ-」(2023 永代漆工、東京)、「曲直 right or wrong」(2022 Ota Art Archives #3, KOCA、東京)、「Void/Valve/Volume」(2021 さいたま市プラザノース、埼玉)、「水と風のひかり」(2020 OTAアートプロジェクト<マチニエヲカク>、東京)、「みえるものとみえないもの」(2020 JR宇和島運転区扇形車庫再生事業、愛媛)。グループ展に、「マツモト建築芸術祭」(2023・2022 長野)、「STOPOVER」(2023 KOCA、東京)、「ATAMI ART GRANT」(2022 静岡)、「TOKYO CANAL LINKS」(2021 TERRADA ART COMPLEX Ⅱ、東京)、「するがのくにの芸術祭 富士の山ビエンナーレ」(2020 静岡)、「JR EAST meets ART @ Takanawa Gateway Fest」(2020 東京)など多数。

Born in Tokyo in 1972. In 1994, Nakajima graduated from the Graduate School of Photography at Kuwasawa Design Institute.  Based in 2001 in Berlin, Germany. In 2014 and 2016, he received grants from the Shusuishen Memorial Cultural Promotion Foundation. He currently lives in Tokyo.

He has created many large-scale installation works, and through a space that is shared from multiple perspectives among the people who witness the “place”, he has created an organic relationship that influences and is closely related to each other. The effective use of permeable materials and gaps creates transmitted light and shadows on the floor and walls, interactively connecting the space and the surrounding environment and inviting the viewer to an immersive experience.

Recent solo exhibitions include “scope” (2023 YU HARADA, Tokyo), “tangle” (2023 Eidai Urushiko, Tokyo), and “right or wrong” (2022 Ota Art Archives #3, KOCA, Tokyo), “Void/Valve/Volume” (2021 Plaza North, Saitama, Saitama City), “The Light of Water and Wind(2020 OTA Art Project <Matinie Wokaku >, Tokyo), “What You Can See and What You Can’t See” (2020 JR Uwajima Driving District Fan Garage Revitalization Project, Ehime).Group exhibitions include “Matsumoto Architecture and Art Festival” (2023, 2022 Nagano), “STOPOVER” (2023 KOCA, Tokyo),ATAMI ART GRANT” (2022 SHIZUOKA), “TOKYO CANAL LINKS” (2021 TERRADA ART COMPLEX II, Tokyo), “Fujinoyama Biennale” (2020 Shizuoka), “JR EAST meets ART @ Takanawa Gateway Fest” (2020 Tokyo) and many more.











It is my opinion that the relationship between the former Matsumoto City Museum, which has been regrettably decided to be demolished, and the citizens and tourists in this in the in the city have a long history.

With my work, I have created a place where the individual and the public intersect.

The material of the work is packaging substance.

By using it, I hope that it will be an opportunity to reconsider this place by presenting the binding and protection of the subject at the same time, thereby obscuring the natural relationship between the person and the place, while expressing the dichotomy of anxiety and security.

The word “wrapping” reminds us of Man Ray and Christo & Jeanne = Claude, but in this work, by wrapping the building with transparent film, the object inside is visible, and I think that this makes the object even clearer and more ambiguous.

There is a sense of scale that changes events depending on the distance, and we hope that this “care” that affects the surroundings with transmission and reflection will become the beauty of the end of the old museum.


《ケア》2024年、ストレッチフィルム、他、40×40×12 m

《care》2024, stretch film, etc, 40×40×12 m