Kengo Kito

1977年、愛知県生まれ。京都芸術大学大学院教授。2001年、名古屋芸術大学 絵画科 洋画コース卒業後、2003年、京都市立芸術大学大学院 美術研究科 油画修了。

主なグループ展に「六本木クロッシング2007:未来への脈動」(2007 森美術館)、「アーティスト・ファイル」(2011 国立新美術館)、「Mono No Aware」(2013 エルミタージュ美術館)、「ギホウのヒミツ」(2019 高松市美術館)、「色と感情」(2022 ポーラ ミュージアム アネックス)など。

主な個展に「Maltiple StarⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ」(2017 原美術館ARC)、「Full Lightness」(2020 京都市京セラ美術館)、「Reconnecting」(2021 Japan House LA)、「Unity on the Hudson」(2023 Hudson River Museum、NY)など。


Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1977. He is a professor at the Graduate School of Kyoto University of the Arts. After graduating from Nagoya University of the Arts in 2001 with a degree in Western Painting, he completed an oil painting degree at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts in 2003.

His major group exhibitions include “Roppongi Crossing 2007: Pulse to the Future” (2007 Mori  Art Museum), “Artist File” (2011, The National Art Center, Tokyo), “Mono No Aware” (2013 Hermitage Museum), “The Secret of Gihou” (2019 Takamatsu City Museum of Art), “Color and Emotion” (2022 Pola Museum Annex), etc. Participating in.

His major solo exhibitions include “Maltiple StarⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ” (2017 Hara Museum ARC), “Full Lightness” (2020 Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art), “Reconnecting” (2021 Japan House LA), “Unity on the Hudson” (2023 Hudson River Museum、NY), etc.

He was awarded the Goto Memorial Culture Prize in 2008 and lived in New York for one year, after which he worked in Berlin, Germany. He has created works by filling spaces with industrial products such as hula hoops and parasols, and in recent years has presented works that connect and interfere with the environment such as the structure of buildings and natural and artificial light. He has received high praise both in Japan and abroad as a writer who lightly critiques modern society with mundane everyday things.




地球上には重力がありそれを視覚化する試みです。 linesはまっすぐな線であり、重力方向へとぶら下がっています。そこに異なる蛍光色を与えました。色がつくことにより視覚的重力は変化するのか、大量の直線を人が横切るとき空間はどのように取り込まれ変容するかを体感できる作品です。

The Earth has gravity. The work is an attempt to visualize it. ‘lines’ are straight lines that hang in the direction of gravity. I Gave it a different fluorescent color. It is a work that allows you to experience how visual gravity changes with the addition of color, and how space is taken in and transformed when a person crosses a large number of straight lines.



《lines》2022, paper tube (painted), zile, wood