Shintaro Shiratori

長野県松本市生まれ。松本深志高校卒業後、国立千葉大学 工学部 写真工学科へ入学。大学卒業後、資生堂宣伝部写真部、(株)博報堂写真部(現(株)博報堂プロダクツ)を経て、1989年、白鳥写真事務所設立。主な写真集に『白鳥写真館』、『貌 KAO 白鳥写真館』、『貌・KAOⅡ 白鳥写真館「これから・・・」』、『白鳥真太郎 広告写真館』。


2008年より公益社団法人日本広告写真家協会(APA)会長。2018年、藍綬褒章受章。 写真館の四代目とあってポートレートを得意とし、1980年代から今なお広告写真の第一線を走り続ける。

Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. After graduating from Fukashi Matsumoto High School, he entered the Department of Photographic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University. After graduating from university, he worked in the Photography Department of Shiseido’s Advertising Department and Hakuhodo Photography Department (now Hakuhodo Products Co., Ltd.), and in 1989, he established Shiratori Photo Office. His major photo books include “Shiratori Photo Studio”, “Kao Shiratori Photo Studio”, “Portrait KAOII. Shiratori Photo Studio “From now on…”, and “Shintaro Shiratori Advertising Photo Studio”.

He has received numerous awards, including the ADC Producer Award, the APA Award, the Mainichi Advertising Design Award Highest Award, the Nikkei Advertising Award Grand Prix, the Yomiuri Advertising Grand Prize Award, the Asahi Advertising Award, the APA Award Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, and the ACC All Japan Commercial Festival Gold Award.

In 2008, he was the president of the Japan Newspaper Photographers Association (APA). In 2018, the Blue Ribbon Medal was awarded.

As the fourth generation of a photo studio, he specializes in portraits and has been at the forefront of advertising photography since the 1980s.


ラフォーレ原宿 Laforet 年間キャンペーン

Laforet HARAJUKU Annual Campaign



Existing posters consisted of visuals, catch phrases, and text that explained the product and purpose, but unlike ordinary posters, these series did not include a catch copy, and aimed to express it like avant-garde art, even though it was a poster that could be recognized at a glance by a photograph alone. Shiratori created a group of posters that leave a great impression by making the viewer stop and stare at them. This work won the highest award for ADC members of the Tokyo Art Directors Club (ADC). It became very popular overseas. It is a work of a time when posters were both a culture and a form of entertainment. Today, he wishes to convey to the young people of today that such posters once existed.


《ラフォーレ原宿 Laforet 年間キャンペーン》1991年

《Laforet HARAJUKU Annual Campaign》1991