Hidetoshi Muramatsu

1988年、静岡県生まれ。2014年、京都造形芸術大学(現・京都芸術大学) 美術工芸学科 立体造形コース卒業。2016年、東北芸術工科大学大学院 芸術文化専攻 彫刻領域修了。


主な個展に、いりや画廊 (2023 東京)、「with stone」日本橋高島屋美術画廊X(2022 東京)、「STONE TOOLS」日本橋高島屋美術画廊X(2019 東京)、Steps Gallery (2018 東京)、Gallery MARONIE (2017 京都)。グループ展に、「DEMAIN展」(2022 西武池袋本店、 東京)、「現代美術展」(2021 神戸阪急、兵庫)、「Metropolis」(2020 日本橋高島屋・高島屋大阪店、東京・大阪)など。そのほか、「3rd INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM」(2017 インド)、「マツモト建築芸術祭」 (2023 長野)、「BIWAKO BIENNALE」 (2022 滋賀)などのシンポジウムや芸術祭にも参加し、国内外で活躍する。

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1988. In 2014, he graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design (now Kyoto University of the Arts) Department of Arts and Crafts, Three-Dimensional Modeling Course. In 2016, he graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design, Department of Art and Culture, Department of Sculpture.

A part of a ready-made product such as an object or tool is replaced with a stone such as marble, and a part of the object is petrified, or a stone is shaped into an object. It will mark an eternal time in the history of the things and tools in our lives.

His major solo exhibitions include Iriya Gallery (2023 Tokyo), “with stone” Japan Takashimaya Art Gallery X (2022 Tokyo), “STONE TOOLS” Japan Takashimaya Art Gallery X (2019 Tokyo), Steps Gallery (2018 Tokyo), Gallery MARONIE (2017 Kyoto). Group exhibitions include “DEMAIN” (2022 Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, Tokyo) and “Contemporary Art Exhibition” (2021 Kobe Hankyu,Hyogo), “Metropolis” (2020 Japan Bridge Takashimaya / Takashimaya Osaka store, Tokyo / Osaka), etc. In addition, “3rd INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM” (2017 India), “Matsumoto Architecture and Art Festival” (2023 Nagano), “BIWAKO BIENNALE” (2022 Shiga)He has participated in symposia and art festivals, and is active both in Japan and abroad.


tape dispenser、pencil sharpener、outlet、compass、tops








I want to turn my favorite things into stone and leave them.

As if stopping time, as if creating a new time.

The image of petrification

Things that will eventually decay

If only the stone remains after thousands or tens of thousands of years, will it not be a proof of its existence.

I wish even a piece of it be left behind in the distant future.


《tape dispenser》2024年、テープディスペンサー、大理石、19×7×11 cm

《pencil sharpener》2024年、鉛筆削り、大理石、12×7×10 cm

《outlet》2024年、大理石、1×7×12 cm

《compass》2023年、方位磁石、大理石、7×12×2 cm

《tops》2023年、独楽、大理石、各6×6×4 cm

《tape dispenser》2024、tape dispenser, marble、19×7×11 cm

《pencil sharpener》2024、pencil sharpener, marble、12×7×10 cm

《outlet》2024、marble、1×7×12 cm

《compass》2023、azimuth magnet, marble、7×12×2 cm

《tops》2023、spinning top, marble、各6×6×4 cm