mouse on the keys



An instrumental band consisting of Akira Kawasaki, Daisuke Niitome, and Takumi Shiroeda in a trio. Their live performances, which involve minimalism based on piano and synths that resonate with the heartstrings and aggressive drum sounds, attract a great deal of attention both in Japan and abroad.

At last year’s Matsumoto Architecture and Art Festival, they took on the challenge of creating a public piece of music at the Nakamachi Kura Chic Building, which was originally a sake brewery. To comply with the volume limit, they used prepared pianos and daily necessities such as glasses and pots procured from thrift stores. On the last day, they gave a live presentation at the Shinmai Media Garden, which marked the finale of the art festival.

mouse on the keysの展示は、最終日3月24日(日)のスペシャルライブとなります。

The mouse on the keys exhibition will be a special live performance on the last day of the event, Sunday, March 24th.
Prepared pianos used in performances are on display at the venue.
Details are to be informed as soon as decided, on the official website and SNS.


mouse on the keys : Pointillism Ⅱ

マウス・オン・ザ・キーズ :ポインティリズム・トゥー


mouse on the keysに多数のゲストミュージシャンを加えたライブパフォーマンス。各プレイヤーは、館内に点在し演奏を行い、観客は自由に移動しながら新しい聴取体験を味わえる。館内の豊かなナチュラルリヴァーブは、発音に制限を課す。音数が多くなれば長い残響によりアンサンブルは崩壊するだろう。プレイヤーは、遠方からの残響音に導かれ、バランスをとりながら即興演奏を行う。それは、あたかもプレイヤーを通して博物館が演奏しているかのように感じるかもしれない。

Live performances of ‘mouse on the keys’ with a number of guest musicians. Each player will perform in a variety of venues, and the audience will be able to move freely and enjoy a new listening experience. The venues’ rich natural reverb imposes restrictions on sound making. If the number of notes increases, the ensemble will collapse due to long reverberation. The player improvises while balancing, guided by reverberations from a distance. It may feel as if the museum is playing through the players.