Hirofumi Isoya


近年の主な展覧会に『Constellations: Photographs in Dialogue』(サンフランシスコ近代美術館、サンフランシスコ/2021)、『L’image et son double』(ポンピドゥー・センター、パリ/2021)、『「さあ、もう行きなさい」鳥は言う「真実も度を越すと人間には耐えられないから」』(SCAI PIRAMIDE、東京/2021)、『インタラクション:響きあうこころ』(富山市ガラス美術館、富山/2020)、『Together We Stand』(Bendana | Pinel、パリ/2020)、『シンコペーション:世紀の巨匠たちと現代アート』(ポーラ美術館、神奈川/2019)、『六本木クロッシング2019 : つないでみる』(森美術館、東京/2019)、『Le spectre du surréalisme』(Les Forges、アルル/2017)など。春には小海町高原美術館(長野)にて個展を控える。主な作品の収蔵先に、ポンピドゥー・センター、サンフランシスコ近代美術館など。

Born 1978 in Tokyo. Artist. After graduating from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with a degree in architecture, studied art at the University’s Graduate School of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences and the Associate Research Program at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Co-director of project space STATEMENTS, 2016-2018. Through photography, sculpture, drawing, and their interrelationships, he reconsiders our perception of things.

Recent major exhibitions include Constellations: Photographs in Dialogue, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco/2021; L’image et son double, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris/2021. Interactions: The Resonating Heart” (Toyama City Museum of Glass, Toyama/2020), “Together We Stand” (Bendana | Pinel, Paris/2021), “Now Go,” the bird says, “Because the truth is too much for humans to bear” (SCAI PIRAMIDE, Tokyo/2021). Pinel, Paris/2020), “Syncopation: Masters of the Century and Contemporary Art” (Pola Museum of Art, Kanagawa/2019), “Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connecting the Pieces” (Mori Art Museum, Tokyo/2019), “Le spectre du surréalisme” (Les Forges, Arles/2017), etc. (Arles/2017), etc. In the spring, he will have a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Koumi-cho. His major collections is stored at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco.


「人」よりもむしろ「物」のための空間である「蔵」という建築に、身近な物理現象や出来事をモチーフとした写真作品12 点を設置します。



In the architecture of the storehouse, which is a space for “things” rather than “people,” 12 photographic works based on everyday physical phenomena and events will be installed.

A sepia-toned photo has one or two distinctive colors extracted from a color photo before it was converted to sepia and colored into the frame. The colors on the frame and the colors that once existed in the photograph become a device that encourages a kind of reconstruction and interpretation through the imagination and creativity of the viewer.

In the same way that a cityscape with old architecture is made present through new relationships, I hope that photographs that are destined to be taken only in the past will rise up as a new present in the imagination of the viewer.