Tomoko Konoike


近年の主な個展に、『インタートラベラー 神話と遊ぶ人』(東京オペラシティアートギャラリー、東京/2009)、『根源的暴力』(群馬県立近代美術館、群馬/2016)にて芸術選奨文部科学大臣賞、『Fur Story』(Leeds Arts University、イギリス/2018)、『ハンターギャザラー』(秋田県立近代美術館、秋田/2018)、『ちゅうがえり』(アーティゾン美術館、東京/2020)にて毎日芸術賞。近年のグループ展に、『Temporal Turn』(カンザス大学スペンサー美術館・自然史博物館、2016)、『Japan-Spirits of Nature』(ノルディックアクバラル美術館、スウェーデン/2017)、『ECHOES FROM THEPAST」(シンカ美術館、フィンランド/2018)など。

Tomoko Konoike attempts to question the fundamental nature of visual art through various media such as painting, sculpture, handicrafts, and song, as well as through site-specific outdoor expression.

 Her recent solo exhibitions include “Intertraveler: People Playing with Myths” (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo/2009), “Fundamental Violence” (The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma/2016), which received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize, “Fur Story” (Leeds Arts University, UK (2018), “Hunter Gatherer” (Akita Museum of Modern Art, Akita/2018), and Mainichi Art Award for “Chukaeri” (Artizon Museum, Tokyo/2020). Recent group exhibitions include “Temporal Turn” (Spencer Museum of Art and Natural History, University of Kansas, 2016), “Japan-Spirits of Nature” (Nordic Akbaral Museum, Sweden/2017), “ECHOES FROM THEPAST” (Sinca Art Museum, Finland/2018), etc.




I made my first pencil animation in 1998 because I just wanted to see the pencil lines tremble and move like living things, and I didn’t know how to draw 15 pictures per second in frame-by-frame, or shoot with a Hi-8 camera, or use a cell, or use an editor, so I asked a lot of people for help. “The Last Day of Winter” was the result. There were many days when I couldn’t finish even a few seconds of animation a day no matter how much I drew, and thought, “I will never, never, never make an animation again!” But I kept on drawing.