Yutaro Aoki


主な展覧会に、『出張モノローグス #1』(GASBON METABOLISM、山梨/2022)、『温泉大作戦』(青山目黒、東京/2022)、『double』(MONO.LOGUES、東京/ 2021)、『東京遊牧生活』(art gallery closet、東京/ 2021)、『Quien sabe』(板室温泉大黒屋、栃木/2020)、『Puerta del cielo 空の扉』(Studio BlockM74、メキシコシティ/2019)、『Madera para cosechar』(CASA EQUIS、メキシコシティ/2018)、『Oasis』(nap gallery、東京/2017) などがある。

Sculptor born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1988. Graduated from Tokai University Graduate School of Art, Department of Plastic Arts in 2013. He is based in Mexico City for two years from 2018. He finds sculptural volume in formless phenomena such as small desires and circumstances in daily life, and visualizes them while giving new perspectives and values to space.

Major exhibitions include “Business Trip Monologues #1” (GASBON METABOLISM, Yamanashi/2022), “Onsen Daisakusen” (Aoyama Meguro, Tokyo/2022), “double” (MONO.LOGUES, Tokyo / 2021), “Tokyo Nomadic Life” (art gallery closet, Tokyo / 2021), “Quien sabe” (Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya, Tochigi/2020), “Puerta del cielo The Door in the Sky (Studio BlockM74, Mexico City/2019), “Madera para cosechar” (CASA EQUIS, Mexico City/2018) and “Oasis” (nap gallery, Tokyo/2017).











The motifs of his works are the gaps and misunderstandings in communication in daily life, and situations encountered by chance. Some of his works are explained below.

When I first crossed over to Mexico in 2017, I was extremely nervous and constantly anxious. The greater that anxiety became, the more danger was next to me, and it was a constant paper-thin situation. At that time, the oasis I was looking for took shape.

The word “suave” means gentle or soft in Spanish. My first encounter with the word was on a cab app in Mexico City. One day during my stay, my passenger rating had dropped from 5.00 to 4.87. The cause was the way the door was closed. Some drivers took my closing as abusive and angry. Based on this experience, I created this project with the theme of handling the car gently and carefully, without making any noise.

A friend of my mother’s lives in Matsumoto City. We receive many gifts from her friend, Ms. Tanaka, every year. My mother and I are always fascinated by the overflowing density of the gifts that arrive, and we are quick to return the favor. The repeated exchanges are filled with more than just things; they fill our hearts to overflowing. The relationship between us is overlaid on the way things are densely packed together.