Yukimasa Ida

平成2(1990)年生まれ。鳥取県出身の画家、現代美術家。平成31(2019)年、東京藝術大学大学院油画修了。平成28(2016)年、現代芸術振興財団主催の「CAF賞」にて審査員特別賞受賞。平成29(2017)年、レオナルド・ディカプリオ財団主催のチャリティオークションに、史上最年少で参加する。同年、株式会社IDA Studio を設立。平成30(2018)年、Forbes JAPAN主催「30 UNDER 30 JAPAN」に選出される。 令和3(2021)年にはDiorとのコラボレーションを発表するなど多角的に活動し、日本の民間人として初めてISSに滞在する宇宙旅行を行った前澤友作氏によって、作品「画家のアトリエ」がISSに設置された。 


主な個展に、『Now is Gone』(マリアン・イブラヒム・ギャラリー、パリ/2022)、『YUKIMASA IDA visits PABLO PICASSO』(ピカソ生誕地ミュージアム、マラガ/2022)、『Here and Now』(マリアン・イブラヒム・ギャラリー、シカゴ/2021)、『King of limbs』(カイカイキキギャラリー、東京/2020)など。

Painter and contemporary artist. Born in Tottori, Japan in 1990.

He completed his graduate studies in oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2019. In 2016, he won the Special Jury Prize at the CAF Award organized by the Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Arts.In 2017, he became the youngest artist ever to participate in a charity auction organized by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. In the same year, he established IDA Studio Inc. He was selected as one of the “30 UNDER 30 JAPAN” by Forbes JAPAN in 2018. In 2021, He presented a collaboration with Dior, and other multifaceted activities. In the same year, his work “L’Atelier du peintre ” was installed on the ISS by Yusaku Maezawa, the first Japanese civilian to travel into space on the ISS.
His work is not limited to painting, but also includes sculpture and prints, which he continues to exhibit in Japan and abroad. His first retrospective exhibition in Japan in 2023 has just been announced .

His recent solo exhibitions include “”Now is Gone” (Marian Ibrahim Gallery, Paris/2022), “YUKIMASA IDA visits PABLO PICASSO” (Picasso Birthplace Museum, Malaga/2022), “Here and Now” (Marian Ibrahim Gallery, Chicago/2021), “King of limbs” (Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo, 2020), etc.




奇しくも今回の展示会場は見立ても美しい池上邸土蔵である。 普段暗闇に閉ざされたその空間を闇夜を照らす月のように照らし出すような作品にしたいという祈りを込めて本作を出展するに至った。

I visited various places, shrines, and temples to create my work, and became interested in the relationship between the mother earth, the sun that illuminates it, and the moon that watches over us in the darkness. After creating a statue of a snake symbolizing Amaterasu, I later created this work, “Tsukuyomi No Mikoto”.

This work was created to symbolize Japan, a beautiful country with thousands of years of history. The serpent climbing up to the sky as a symbol in the work is colored to symbolize the night time.

Coincidentally, the venue for this exhibition was the beautifully appointed storehouse of the Ikegami residence. This work was exhibited with the prayer that it would illuminate this usually dark space like the moon illuminating the dark night.