Stephanie Quayle

昭和57(1982)年、英国・マン島に生まれる。平成17(2005)年、スレード・スクール・オブ・アート 彫刻学科を首席で卒業、平成19(2007)年、ロイヤル・カレッジ・オブ・アート 彫刻学科修士課程を修了。現在もマン島のスタジオを拠点に制作を続けている。
近年の主な展覧会に、『Human and Animal』(岐阜県現代陶芸美術館、滋賀県立陶芸の森、岩手県立美術館、2021-2022)、『Ellyn, A Tail of Contemporary Art』(Villa Marina、マン島/2021)、『Clay TM』(TJ Boulting、ロンドン/2020)、『Drawings』(Gallery38、東京/2020)、『IN THE COMPANY OFF』(TJBoulting Gallery、ロンドン/2019)、『Bear Nature』(Gallery 38、東京/2019)、『Summer Exhibition』(Royal Academy of Art、ロンドン/2019)、『ANIMALS & US』(Turner Contemporary、マーゲート/2018)、『Animal & Us』(Sidney Cooper Gallery、カンタベリー/2018)などがある。

Born in 1982 in the Isle of Man, England. In 2005, she graduated at the top of her class from the Slade School of Art, Department of Sculpture, and in 2007, she completed a master’s degree in sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Her continues to work from his studio on the Isle of Man.
Quayle’s work focuses on the natural forces inherent in humans and animals, and is based on a number of sketches drawn to capture the essence of animal energy, which she then creates with the material clay. The animals thus created have a familiar yet unique presence, reminding us of our important place and role in nature.
Her selected solo/group exhibitions are ”Human and Animal” (Museum of Modern Ceramic Art Gifu, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Iwate Museum Of Art, Japan/2021-2022), “Ellyn, A Tail of Contemporary Art” (Villa Marina, Isle of Man/2021), “Clay TM” (TJ Boulting, London/2020), ”Drawings” (Gallery38, Tokyo/2020), “IN THE COMPANY OFF” (TJ Boulting Gallery, London/2019), “Bear Nature” (Gallery 38, Tokyo/2019), ”Summer Exhibition” (Royal Academy of Art, London/2019), ”ANIMALS & US” (Turner Contemporary, Margate/2018), “Animal & Us” (Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury/2018) and more.


百竹亭 x Stephanie Quayle

現代に生きる私たちは、次第に土に触れる機会が少なくなり、コンクリートで固められた道路 や建物に囲まれて生活する一方で、絶えず動物に人間味を与えたり、擬人化したりし続け、動物と私たちとの明らかな違いに囚われているようです。粘土で力強く描かれたクエールの動物たちは、生き物の、生の本質を捉えています。彼らは身近でありながら独特の存在感を放ち、自然の中での私たちの重要な位置と役割を思い出させてくれる、私たち自身に似た存在なのです。

空間構成: 上野雄次

Hyakutake-tei x Stephanie Quayle

Born and raised on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, Quayle continues to work in the rich natural environment of this island. His work focuses on the natural forces inherent in humans and animals, and the strength, humility, wonder, and wisdom that reside in nature, reminding us of our smallness in the face of these forces, and at the same time reminding us of the connection between the natural world and humans and the gap between them.
Living in the modern world, we gradually have less and less contact with the soil, and while we live surrounded by concrete-fortified roads and buildings, we continually humanize and anthropomorphize animals and seem to be trapped by the obvious differences between them and us. Quayle’s animals, powerfully rendered in clay, capture the essence of the living, of life. They are familiar yet unique, reminding us of our important place and role in nature, much like ourselves.

Space: Yuji Ueno