CALMA by Ryo Okamoto

Ryo Okamoto

昭和52(1977)年、兵庫県生まれ。ロンドンで美術留学中に、英国最北端までの縦断ヒッチハイク旅や、アラスカを野営しながら1000キロを川下りするなど、環境、自然科学、生命の時間軸に影響を受ける。音楽や民族性への興味からヨーロッパの様々な文化様式、芸術を独自に学んだ。その後、日本、アメリカ、オランダにて作品を発表。2018年に未来の部族の生活様式および表現行為をコンセプトとした 〈CALMA〉を立ち上げ、バイク、骨董、立体、平面、インスタレーションなど多様な手法を用いて作品を制作する。

近年の展示として、『TRIBE BIBLE』(FARO Kagurazaka、東京/2022)、グループ展『small works』(FARO Kagurazaka、東京/2022)、『PEOPLE FROM THE EUTOPIA』(B Gallery、東京/2021)、『ANCIENT HEROES』(FARO Kagurazaka、東京/2021)、『CALMA by RYO OKAMOTO Ash#14』 (D&Department、鹿児島/2021)、会場デザイン『RADIO CALMA』(森道市場、愛知/2021)、『CALMA by RYO OKAMOTO Ash#13』(RHYTHMOS、鹿児島/2020)、『CALMA by RYO OKAMOTO』(旅館大村屋、佐賀/2019)、『WSMA(ワズマ)』(木造校舎現代美術館、奈良/2017)、『MONO JAPAN』(ロイドホテル、アムステルダム/2016)など、国内外で精力的に発表。

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1977. While studying art in London, he was influenced by the environment, natural science, and the timeline of life, including a longitudinal hitchhiking trip to the northernmost tip of England and a 1000 km river rafting trip while camping in Alaska. His interest in music and ethnicity led him to study various European cultural styles and arts independently. In 2018, he launched 〈CALMA〉, based on the concept of future tribal lifestyles and expressive acts, and creates works using a variety of techniques including motorcycles, antiques, sculptures, two-dimensional works, and installations.
Recent exhibitions include “TRIBE BIBLE” (FARO Kagurazaka, Tokyo/2022), group exhibition “small works” (FARO Kagurazaka, Tokyo/2022), “PEOPLE FROM THE EUTOPIA” (B Gallery, Tokyo/2021), ” ANCIENT HEROES” (FARO Kagurazaka, Tokyo/2021), “CALMA by RYO OKAMOTO Ash#14” (D&Department, Kagoshima/2021), venue design “RADIO CALMA” (Morimichi Market, Aichi/2021), “CALMA by RYO OKAMOTO Ash#13” (RHYTHMOS, Kagoshima/2020), “CALMA by RYO OKAMOTO” (Ryokan Omuraya, Saga/2019), “WSMA” (Museum of Contemporary Art, Nara/2017), “MONO JAPAN” (Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam/2016). 2016), and others, actively exhibiting in Japan and abroad.



博物館で鑑賞する部族とは、遠い異国の密林の民であったり、あるいは数千年前の人類の記録をいいます。しかし、今を生きる我々もまた未来の鑑賞対象であるはずです。今、この時代をどう生きたか? 何を作り、何に重きを置き、何に問題定義して生きたのか? さまざまな事に思いをはせて作品を作っています。衣 / 食 / 住 / 移動 / 信仰対象 / 音楽や、時には医療に及ぶかもしれません。


The concept of CALMA’s works is based on a natural history approach. The artist creates an artistic and decorative record of the near-future by combining tribal expressions of feasible tools that mankind will never be without: motorcycles as a means of transportation, aluminum suitcases as tools for transporting goods, hunting tools, and objects of worship made from antiques and minerals.

The tribes we appreciate in museums are the people of distant exotic jungles, or the record of mankind thousands of years ago. However, we who live in the present should also be the objects of future appreciation. How did we live in this time? What did they create, what did they focus on, and what did they define as their problems? I create my works with various things in mind. Clothing / Food / Housing / Movement / Objects of faith / Music and sometimes even medicine.