Kanata Goto

平成3(1991)年、東京生まれ。平成30(2018)年 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科先端芸術表現専攻修了。物の成り立ちやその構造への興味から幾何学や法則性と対峙しつつ、同時に瞬間の閃きや恣意によらない無作為的選択をオブジェクトに織り込む。主なメディアとして糸を使用した立体作品やインスタレーションを制作している。

SICF16 スパイラル奨励賞(2015)、Tokyo Midtown Award アート部門グランプリ(2016)など受賞多数。

Born in Tokyo, 1991. Completed the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Advanced Art Expression, in 2018. While confronting geometry and law from an interest in the origins of things and their structure, he also weaves into his objects random selections that are not based on spur of the moment or arbitrariness. He creates three-dimensional works and installations using thread as his main medium. He has received numerous awards, including the SICF16 Spiral Encouragement Award (2015) and the Tokyo Midtown Award Grand Prix in the Art Division (2016).





The symbolic impression created by geometry, laws, etc., and the fact that there is or is not a center there. A part becomes a whole, and that whole, when placed next to other elements, creates a new image again. Partial elements form one large structure, or are in balance and out of balance, or vice versa. And vice versa.
I sometimes look directly at each of these matters related to the generation of the structure, sometimes I look at them from the sidelines using my peripheral vision, sometimes I think about them on my notebook while sitting down, sometimes I think about them while laying a wooden board on the floor and attaching threads with a tacker, sometimes I weld an iron frame and try attaching threads, and sometimes I think about them while creating.
The airtightness and low ceilings unique to the storehouse give this exhibition room a certain sense of security. I hope that the spatial transformation of my work exhibited in this room will somehow shake the senses of visitors not only visually, but also physically.