Old Former Mimatsuya Storehouse (Hakari Museum)


休場日 月曜

建築年 明治27(1894)年
移築年 平成22(2010)年
設計者 元:立石清重、移築工事:株式会社降幡建築設計事務所
施工者 元:立石清重、移築工事:株式会社滝澤工務店


Old Former Mimatsuya Storehouse

Year of construction: 1894
Year of reconstruction: 2010
Architect: Former: Kiyoshige Tateishi, Relocation: Furuhata Architects & Engineers Inc.
Constructor: Kiyoshige Tateishi, Erection: Takizawa Engineering Co.

Kumasaburo Mihara, the fourth generation head of Mimatsuya, a long-established lumber merchant located in Yasuhara Yokomachi along Zenkoji Highway, commissioned Kiyoshige Tateishi, a master carpenter who worked on the old Kaichi School, to build this pseudo-Western-style storehouse. The tea ceremony room and Japanese-style room on the first floor and the Western-style salon on the second floor were built in Tateishi’s later years and used as a place to entertain guests. The building was demolished, but the stored materials were donated to Matsumoto City, and were renovated and restored as the third exhibition room of the Hakari Museum. Compared to ordinary storehouses, the building has more windows and is vertically elongated, and Western elements are incorporated throughout, such as the triangular pediment at the entrance, eaves bellows (projecting decoration), and kurigata (terraced decoration). The clapboards on the exterior walls were installed to protect the plaster walls, but they were originally removable to prevent fire from spreading if a fire broke out in the neighborhood.
The second-floor salon has the same paper ceiling as the former Kaichi School (currently noncombustible due to fireproofing restrictions), with raised and lowered glass windows, a ceiling centerpiece for hanging lights, and a ceiling surround. The ceiling is decorated in a Western style with a lowered glass window, a central ceiling ornament for hanging lights, and a window frame in the shape of a carry-over window.